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My Free Open Source Software

My Free Open Source Software

In addition to FOSS I have commercial PDF comparison products, in particular:

Gravitate Game

A SameGame/TileFall-like game. (Windows binary 12MB.)

The Windows binary is for the Tcl/Tk (newest and best version). However, I’ve also done versions using C++/wxWidgets (Windows 64-bit binary available). D/GtkD, Java/Swing, Nim/NiGui (Windows binary available), Python/Tkinter, Python/wxPython, and JavaScript. All the versions without github links can be downloaded from Qtrac.


XindeX is an easy to learn and use GUI application for creating, editing, and outputting indexes (e.g., for books).

This has been tested on Windows and Linux and is written in Python 3 (>=3.6) using PySide 1 (Qt 4.8).


Retest is an easy to use application (and Rust library) for automating black box regression testing on Windows and Unix. (Windows 64-bit binary 905KB .zip.)

Diff Libraries

The Python standard library includes the difflib module which has an excellent sequence matcher to find and report the differences between two sequences (e.g., between two sequences of lines). I’ve ported a version of this functionality to D as ddiff, Nim as diff, and Rust as Differ.